24 June 2024

Small Farm, Big Dreams: Practical Grain Storage Solutions for Smaller Operations


Establishing a new farm or enhancing an existing farm with grain storage structures is easier to do than many expect. Though long-term solutions of building silos and grain storage buildings tend to remain an option, there may be a more affordable solution available that can get up and running sooner. At Britespan, we encourage you to explore options for a fabric grain storage structure instead.

Why a Fabric Grain Storing Structure Makes Sense

Fabric buildings are one of the best overall options for today’s farm or agricultural needs. A fabric building for agriculture can offer numerous advantages:

  • Enhanced storage with proper air movement throughout the space
  • Reduced costs for operational needs since the circulation of air is done in a more natural and efficient manner
  • Exceptional visibility ensures that there is always insight into the condition of any grain needs 
  • Access is simplified, especially with wide, column-free interiors 

Most importantly, for those looking for economical grain storage ideas, especially for small farm grain storage, fabric buildings simply make sense financially. With our fabric buildings, you can store, cure, and warehouse any type of grain crop for the length of time you need. They operate in the same way (or better) than traditional methods but can be set up and maintained far easier, helping farmers make better use of their time. 

The wide interiors lack columns, which means there is more storage space overall and better air circulation throughout the expansiveness. When considering the design of grain storage structures, also note that with fabric buildings, there is no limit. You can create a design that fits your specific property needs or the size necessary to accommodate your unique specifications.

If you are looking for a building for storing, discharging, and sometimes processing grain, the flexibility of fabric buildings can be exactly what you need. As you take into consideration the size and overall specifications of your project, note, too, that our farm grain storage can be customized with the accessories and features you need, specifically. This makes it far easier for you to get a custom solution in place in no time.

Why Choose Britespan For Your Fabric Building for Storing Grain?

When you look at our comprehensive options, including industrial fabric building sizes and styles, one thing is clear: we offer high-quality, custom-built structures to meet any specific needs you have at a cost-effective level. 

A building for storing grain from Britespan comes with:

  • A range of size options to fit virtually any specific goals you have (including any footprint you have to dedicate to your building) 
  • A long-term warranty of up to 20 years, which gives you peace of mind no matter where you are located
  • A building for storing threshed grain that is easy to work with and even easier to maintain (you have virtually nothing to do to keep it functioning properly
  • Column-free interiors that allow you to maximize the amount of space within the buildings for storing grain (you get more function out of your footprint) 
  • Customizable side openings and doors to fit the functionality of your space (you choose where, how big, and the type of doors necessary)

There are other notable benefits to choosing Britespan for your grand storage solutions. Our products are designed to last, with some warranties on Elite fabrics extending up to 25 years. We are also ISO 9001-2015 Certified, which means we meet all international standards for quality. Our buildings will not fail you or your operational needs.

Also note that with our modular design options, even a large building for storing grains is an option. You can also add to and build on the existing structure over time as your small operation grows in size (if you need to do so). With customizable solutions, you can expect us to help you turn your small farm and big dreams into a reality as it grows over time.

Competitive Grain Storage and Handling Solutions at Their Best

At Britespan, we offer the grain storage solution you need, no matter the size or type of agricultural location you have. We also offer custom solutions to fit other objectives, such as farm equipment storage or livestock options (including dairy, beef, and equine options). When you are ready to establish a new fabric building, contact our team as your first step. We will offer a full consultation and quote that fits the specific size, features, and setup that you need to maximize your small operation and get the best efficiency out of the structure.

Our grain storage and handling solutions are exceptional. Our team is just as dedicated to providing you with the hands-on support you need to bring your ideas and specific small operation needs to life. Put your trust in Britespan now for any type of fabric building you need, including grain storage solutions.