Dairy Barn Britespan Fabric Building by Peak Builders

Choosing the Right Size and Style of Fabric Building for Your Hobby Farm

Building a hobby farm can be an exciting opportunity, but doing it well means starting with the right elements in place. Depending on the size and type of hobby farm

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fabric covered magnum series building process

Signs Your Fabric Structure Needs a New Cover

Over time, any structure will need some attention to its exterior as weather and normal wear and tear damage it. Fabric structure re-covering is not uncommon, but it should be

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actical Advantages of Fabric Structures for Military Usage

The Tactical Advantages of Fabric Structures for Military Use

Military structures need to be highly durable, easy to set up and take down, lightweight enough to move quickly, and reliable enough to handle even the toughest of weather. The

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fabrics warehouses

Industrial Storage & Warehousing: Essential Fabric Structure Features For Your Warehousing Needs

Whether you are expanding or starting fresh, you need industrial storage and warehousing space that fits your specific project goals. Consider industrial fabric structures. Though many organizations could benefit from

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Engineered vs. Non-Engineered Fabric Structures: Why It Matters

The investment in a new engineered structure can add value and function to any location. Most commercial organizations need to compare engineered versus non-engineered fabric structures to determine which fits

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fabric covered indoor soccer facility

The Indoor Sports Complex: Why You Should Build an Indoor Sports Facility

Indoor sports facility construction makes it possible for anyone to play anything whenever they want and need to do so. For those who are looking for a way to provide

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Why Industrial and Commercial Construction Companies Choose Fabric Buildings

Fast building, highly portable designs, and energy efficiency are just some of the reasons why industrial and commercial construction companies have made the move to fabric buildings over traditional, hard-sided

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super atlas series fabric buildings

The Advantages of Natural Lighting in Fabric Structures

The design of a new structure to serve any business or city should be a careful decision based on factors such as cost and function. Yet, creating an environmentally friendly

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atlas series beef barns

Modern Barns – An Ideal Solution for Beef Barns

From large production farms to small hobby farms, the modern beef barn creates the ideal environment to support the best possible development of your herd. The ideal beef barn is

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Britespans Historic Hospital Donation- Supporting Community Care

Britespan Supports Community Care with Historic Hospital Donation

In the heart of our community, where every contribution weaves a stronger social fabric. We are so proud of Britespan’s leadership and their contributions to the Wingham and District Hospital.

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