Easy Access Series


Versatile structure with one-sided open façade for the best interior access


Built and designed with an open façade for Easy Access, hence its name, this multi-purpose and versatile form factor covers your valuable products while allowing immediate access to its interiors. The opening can be oriented in any direction, up to the entire side of the building to maximize traffic flow and adjacencies. Often used for equipment or vehicle storage and commodity storage for its flexibility.


All Easy Access Series profiles meet/exceed site-specific design criteria, and it is a purpose-built structure best suited for continuous reach to covered interior space, maximum ventilation, airflow, and protection from the elements.


  • Fully engineered specifically for your site location.
  • Available with a structural engineer’s seal.
  • Arched-style design & sizing in many different profiles to fit your needs.
  • Custom designs available.
  • Exceptional value.
  • Designed specifically for easy access to its interior.

Industry Applications

Commercial uses:


Salt and sand distribution, vehicle storage, general storage, equipment storage, maintenance, and warehousing.


Agricultural uses:


Composting, beef/livestock feeds.


Municipal and Public Works uses:


Salt and sand distribution, vehicle storage, equipment storage, maintenance.


Other industry uses:


Agribusiness, automotive storage, commercial distribution, construction, distributions, equipment storage (farm), equipment storage (commercial), fire halls, landscaping, loading docks, logistics & transportation, lumber and logging, maintenance/construction, manufacturing, manure and compost, military, mining, municipal, oil, gas, energy, parks and recreation, retail, river terminals, sport & recreation, transfer stations, transportation, workshops.


Technical specifications

  • Building depths start at 38 ft. and up to 67 ft. wide (approx. 11 m to 20.5 m).
  • Can be of any length.
  • Building height and interior clearance are designed to meet the customer’s specific needs.
  • Easy Access Series building profile is arched with straight front access opening.
  • Truss spacing is dependent on application and site loads.
  • Cover is made up of individual Keder panels.

Engineered for your site location


Standard features

  • Post-production hot-dipped galvanized trusses.
  • Fabrics are 12 oz & 13.5 oz High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), available in both Flame Retardant (FR) and Non-Flame Retardant (Non FR) versions.
  • Available in white, green, blue, sandstone, brown, grey, red and black in NovaShield Non-Flame retardant; white, blue, green, grey, sandstone, and black or white mesh in Flame-Retardant fabrics.
  • Easy Access comes with a one-piece cover as standard or it’s upgradable to individual Keder panels.
  • Standard vertical opening ranges from 13.6 to 15.6 ft. under the eaves.

Custom options

  • Stainless steel cables.
  • Post-production hot-dipped galvanized purlins and secondaries.
  • Hot-dipped galvanized bolt package.
  • Front entry can be enclosed with fabric, mesh or steel and incorporate door openings.
  • Portal framing for even wider openings.
  • Chimneys/covered, ridge vents, insulation, lighting, HVAC, fire suppression and more can be added by contractor.
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride) covers are available.
  • Elite Fabric is available as an upgrade, and it extends your warranty.
  • Branding and logo printing.

Easy Access Series buildings can be built on the following foundation types: blocks, grade beam, helical screw, piers, poured wall, precast, slab.


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