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“Most definitely I would recommend Britespan to anyone just because of the customer service experience and again, the quality of the building and the variety of applications that Britespan buildings can be used for…Britespan is willing to work with you and [develop] a solution.” (Bill Lidster, Manager of Conservation Parks with Credit Valley Conservation)

Credit Valley Conservation Event Structure

“[My local dealer] was very instrumental in helping us design the concept so that it would work for my needs.” (Gerald, Poechman Farms)

Poechman Farms Egg Laying Hen Barn

“The issue we had with some of our other facilities in the past was with the ventilation, but with this one, we have really improved the ventilation, which has improved the health [of the cattle] considerably.” (John Haines, Haines Beef Barn Facility)

Haines Beef Feedlot Facility

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