About Us

Our Mission is

to design, innovate, engineer, manufacture and deliver high quality fabric structures that protect our customers’ most valuable assets, meeting their operational and storage needs across the globe

With over 25 years in the fabric building industry, businesses have relied on Britespan Buildings Systems to protect their most valuable assets and provide superior pre-engineered fabric structures for operational efficiency and storage space. Focused on quality, we design, engineer and manufacture each product line in-house.


Our Fabric Buildings

are suited to a variety of industries and a fully engineered specifically for your site’s location. With accessories and components available for flexible customization, they maximize interior space using only the highest quality materials and technology


We're committed to great
customer service


Some of the industries we work with:

In agriculture

Farm equipment storage, general storage, beef barns, dairy barns, livestock barns, cash crop storage, hay & straw storage, warehouses, equine exercise barns, riding arenas, landscaping, lumber and logging, sheep and goat barns, transportation, distribution, aquaculture, composting, agricultural storage, hog barn, agribusiness, poultry and more

Commercial and enterprises

Salt and sand storage, commercial equipment storage, general storage, warehouses, manufacturing, riding arenas, military buildings, sports complexes, commodity storage, landscaping, lumber and logging, vehicle and automotive storage, waste management, energy management, transportation, distribution, wash bays, mining management, recycling, hangars and aviation, solid waste management, garage storage, maintenance building, air transportations, boat storage, composting, loading docks, parks & recreation, residential/private household, recreational facilities, transfer stations, driving range, marina and ports, tennis court, break bulk, cold storage, concert venues, events & hospitality, fire halls, indoor golf, port authority, retail, river terminals, swimming venues, temporary/portable, workshops and more

Municipal and public works

Salt and sand storage, equipment storage, general storage, warehouses, manufacturing, military buildings, sports complexes, commodity storage, landscaping, lumber and logging, vehicle and automotive storage, waste management, energy management, transportation, distribution, wash bays, recycling, hangars and aviation, solid waste management, garage storage, air transportations, boat storage, loading docks, parks & recreation, recreational facilities, transfer stations, driving range, marina and ports, tennis court, break bulk, cold storage, concert venues, events & hospitality, fire halls, indoor golf, port authority, river terminals, swimming venues, temporary/portable, workshops and more



The team leaders that make it happen

Team Member
Ben Hogervorst Co-owner

Ben Hogervorst founded Britespan Building Systems in 2010, along with his wife Jenny and partner Rob Stute. Their vision was to continue to service their Cover-All customers, as a result of being a Cover-All Building dealer from 1995 to 2010.

Ben grew up on a dairy farm in Ontario, Canada and has a Diploma in Agriculture from the University of Guelph, graduating in 1980, then returning after a few years to obtain his Degree in Agriculture, specializing in Crop Science and minored in Business, graduating in 1986. He worked in the Agricultural field for 3 years before setting off on his own, with his wife, becoming a Purina Feed Dealer until 2000.

In 1995 he and his wife Jenny became a distributor of Cover-All Building Systems of Saskatchewan until 2010 when Cover-All went into receivership. This gave birth to Britespan Building Systems Inc in the summer of 2010.

Team Member
Rob Stute Co-owner

In 2010, Robert partnered with Ben Hogervorst to create Britespan Building Systems, a leading supplier of fabric-covered buildings for the agricultural industry. This new venture allowed Robert to combine his passion for agriculture with his expertise in welding and fabrication, creating innovative solutions for farmers and agribusinesses.

Robert Stute is a well-known entrepreneur and the owner of Maitland Welding & Machining, a successful welding and fabricating business located in Wingham, Ontario. For more than two decades, Robert has been a driving force behind the success of his business, and his unwavering commitment to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction has earned him an excellent reputation in the industry.

Apart from his expertise in welding and fabricating, Robert also has a strong background in agriculture. He grew up on a farm and has been involved in farming his entire life. Robert has a deep understanding of the farming industry and the unique challenges it presents. He has used this knowledge to build Maitland Welding into a business that caters to the specific needs of farmers and agricultural businesses.

Team Member
John MacDonald President

John MacDonald joined Britespan in 2016 as Vice President of Operations, initiating the construction of the Company’s in-house fabric manufacturing facility and the construction of the new steel plant, driving significant sales and profit growth. John is currently overseeing the fabric production expansion and new start up in the US.

Managing all aspects of the business including Sales & Marketing, Operations, Finance, Technical Services, and HR, John has built a strong management team leading these functional areas.
Promoted to President in 2019, John has continued to play a key leadership role in the Company’s development.

Prior to 2016, John was the President of Wescast Industries’ North American operations, which included 6 Manufacturing facilities throughout Ontario and Michigan. Wescast is a Tier 1 Supplier to the automotive sector and the largest global manufacturer of cast exhaust manifolds 
and turbocharger housings for passenger cars and light trucks. In total, John has nearly 30 years of experience in the manufacturing sector.

Team Member
Steve Burke Vice President of Finance

Steve Burke joined Britespan in 2017 as the VP Finance and his responsibilities include financial risk management, overseeing the treasury function, and managing the Company’s insurance program. Steve also leads the Company’s transactional accounting and financial reporting, as well as liaising with external accountants and financial institutions. Steve also manages the Company’s finance team consisting of the Controller plus 4 finance and accounting employees.

Prior to Britespan, Steve was employed as the Director of Finance at Wescast Industries’ North American operations where he worked with John MacDonald.

Steve has over 25 years of experience in finance and accounting at manufacturing companies, in addition to previous financial leadership roles for a telecommunications company.

Team Member
George Lawless Director of Business Development - USA

George has been in the construction industry since 1996; specialized in the Tension Membrane industry since 2012; joined Britespan in April of 2017; Veteran – United States Marine Corps.

Team Member
Bryan Quanbury Director of Business Development - Ontario

With over 25 years of experience in agriculture sales and management, Bryan Quanbury is a trusted industry expert known for his passion for finding solutions that meet the unique needs of his customers. As a member of the Britespan team for the past three years, Bryan has helped the company grow and expand its reach in Ontario.

Before joining Britespan, Bryan held a variety of sales and management positions in the agriculture industry, where he gained extensive knowledge and experience in product development, market analysis, and customer relationship management.

Bryan holds a degree in Agriculture from the University of Guelph and is an active director with Canadian Farm Builders.

Outside of work, Bryan enjoys spending time with his wife, son and daughter. The family has been active in minor hockey. He has volunteered on many teams as a coach and trainer. Bryan also has a small hobby farm and raises sheep. In his free time, he enjoys fly fishing and motorcycling.

Team Member
Jack Metcalfe Manager of Business Development - Canada

Jack is the ultimate business development professional with a graduate diploma in Communications and decades of experience with both agricultural and commercial clients. His career includes a diverse portfolio of industries helping customers find their perfect fabric building solution, as well as dealer development and corporate accounts.

Having worked with Cover-All building systems and other pre-engineered fabric structure providers, Jack knows the nuances and details of each market segment, along with the challenges to solve, and the opportunities for improvement that can help new and existing grow their business.

Jack excels at following up with his network and answering any questions you may have about fabric buildings, costs, technical specs, features and benefits, and applications for your industry. In his spare time, Jack enjoys camp fire guitar, dirt bikes, and everything to do with Jeeps.

It's a growing industry



Fabric structures are in high demand as a versatile building solution that can be quickly and conveniently constructed for nearly any industry and application.

As an authorized Britespan dealer, you’ll do business with an innovative, award-winning company with the widest selection of available building styles. You’ll be a valued member of the most extensive and experienced dealer network in the pre-engineered fabric building industry. And you’ll be selling premium steel-framed, fabric-covered structures, engineered to the highest quality standards.

Ready to expand? Diversify your construction and installation business to increase your revenue.
Our dealers enjoy much higher gross margins from fabric building projects than from conventional brick-and-mortar, pre-engineered metal and wood-framed building contracts on average!


You’ll experience higher profit margins, industry-leading products, perpetual lead generation, building recover contracts and more. Grow your business with Britespan!

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