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Britespan Buildings Systems Inc. is a proud Sourcewell supplier.


With our awarded contract from Sourcewell, participating agencies are able to procure their building needs efficiently and meet compliance requirements by selecting Britespan as their supplier, allowing you to save time and money.


Get your building assembled and operating faster than ever.


Compliant. Competitive. Convenient.

Britespan at Sourcewell
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We are a Sourcewell-Awarded supplier

Sourcewell-awarded suppliers are reliable, trustworthy contractors that deliver the highest quality products, services and project management.

You can be confident of working with the best supplier possible.


Discover Cooperative

Cooperative purchasing is procurement conducted by, or on behalf of, one or more government units for use by other government units.

Sourcewell creates cooperative contract purchasing solutions on behalf of participating agencies. Cooperative contracts offer both time and money savings for users by consolidating the efforts of numerous individually prepared solicitations into one, cooperatively shared process—taking advantage of the volume pricing generated by 50,000 registered users across North America.


Here is how Sourcewell contracts
benefit you

Time is money, and you’ll save both every time you make a purchase. A Sourcewell account is free with no obligation to purchase.

Accounts are offered to all government agencies, public and private schools/colleges, and tribal governments.

  • Cooperative Purchasing with Sourcewell provides considerable time and resource savings for participating agencies.
  • Streamline the contracting processes and maximizes efficiency.
  • No need to establish and or duplicate solicitation docs or contract process.
  • Reduce the impact of staff reductions and budget cuts.

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