Britespan works with a variety of lenders that offer fast and flexible financing and leasing programs

Financing Options

Fabric buildings have long lifespans, so the depreciation is very slow when using traditional financing. A lease-to-own option for example, allows you to fully expense the payments in a shorter period and typically occurs without having to pay out a large upfront down payment. The process is convenient, fast, and uncomplicated. Customized payments schedules are available.


***Always speak with your accountant first***

Financing options can help get your building fast, when needed

46x196 PL Atlas Beef Peak Builders

Agricultural & Commercial
Customers in Canada (Except Quebec)

Catalyst Finance Company

Natalee Pollard

Business Development Manager

1-866-444-6399 ext 790

Mobile: 519-520-3599
Fax: 866-444-8034



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Commercial Customers
in the United States

SLS Financial

George Vandel

Executive Vice President

Office: 605-321-9815



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Government Lending
in the United States

NCL Government Capital

Katie Vangsness

Account Executive

Office: 320 763 7600 ext.: 1003



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