10 June 2024

Cost Considerations for Fabric Building Recovers

atlas series building re-cover

The investment in new fabric building recovers can seem like a worrisome unknown. Will it fit within your budget or will it be an expense you do not want to take on? The cost to recover a fabric building is dependent on many factors. Ultimately, the size and type of building matters as does the type of material you purchase.

For many people, the best route to determine an accurate fabric re cover cost is to reach out to an organization that can offer a fast quote. Our fabric building recover service can provide you with a very specific price in no time, helping you to not worry about those costs or the unknown any longer.

What Goes Into the Building Recover Cost?

Generally speaking, the cost to recover a fabric building will be dependent on:

  • Building width and length
  • Foundation type on the structure
  • Site condition
  • Location
  • Finishes 
  • Accessories

As noted, if you are unsure what your needs are, our free building quote can answer those questions. You can request one for any fabric structure types you need now.

The Cover-All buildings prices are similar to the cost to recover, though you do not need to purchase the structure again. At Britespan, we offer fabric building recovers for all types of tension fabric structures. That includes Cover-All.

Repair and Replace Cost

One of the first considerations is whether or not you need to replace or repair the fabric building cover. With our team, fabric building maintenance can be done on a consistent basis to ensure the need to recover the structure is minimized and extended as long as possible. However, even in ideal situations, there will come a point when you need to replace the fabric cover with a new one, and the building recover cost will be well worth it. It will aid in extending the lifespan of your structure if you choose wisely.

How to Determine What You Can Expect to Pay

At Britespan, we make the process as simple as possible for you. 

Re-covers start with a consutation. Our team will evaluate the work that needs to be done and offer recommendations for you. We advise you on the best options for your specific needs. If that is another brand or building model, we will let you know that, too. Our goal is quality service over anything else.


In some situations it may be possible to make repairs to the existing structure instead of replacing it. Also notable, there are times when the actual structure will need repairs before we can add a new fabric cover to it. If these are necessary, our team will provide you with insight into what you can expect. We look at all options and determine the best route forward.

Material selection

Fabric Material

When considering the options in fabric building materials, we strongly suggest choosing a quality material and paying for the best possible option. It will pay off with a much longer warranty and a better outcome. 

Fabric building installation and full services from our team are available. Let us compare several of the fabric building options, offer insight into which may be a good choice for your needs, and then offer a quote. HDPE and PVC are two material options for example, that could work for many structures.

The cost of any fabric recover will likely focus on factors such as:

  • The quality and performance of the material itself
  • The warranty on the product, with our replacement warranty providing you with 20 years of protection on the highest quality solutions
  • The style of cover selected
  • Any accessories that must be considered as a component of the build 
  • Any type of concerns you have with the structure, site, or integrity

Fabric structure industry ranges widely but we can confidently provide you with the insight you need to choose a product best suited for your needs. Reach out to us for guidance. Recover building costs can be competitively priced especially if you choose services that will be keep you in good shape for years to come – like our team. For more information about Cover-all building prices and the timeline we can meet, contact Britespan for immediate help.

Let Us Handle Your Fabric Building Repair Service and Recovers

When you are ready to get your fabric building back into action, contact our team for a hands-on consultation and estimate for the work you need done. Our expertise, materials, and wide range of product options make it easy for you to find exactly what you need. 

All of our fabric structure recovers are manufactured in-house to reduce costs and keep your project costs in line. The cost of your building recover will usually depend on the system you choose and labor involved to complete the job. 

If you are ready to move your project forward, our fabric building repair service and full recover team is ready to help you. Set up a time for a free consultation and quote. That allows us to move your project forward with clarity on the cost and timeline you need us to meet.