Super Atlas Series


Designed from our best seller series, but bigger!


Inspired by our best-selling Atlas Series, but much bigger!. Features a dome-shaped design with a semi-spherical curved roof. It’s remarkably strong and distributes weight evenly, making it a stable and efficient format with no hard angles or corners, enclosing an enormous amount of space without any interior load-bearing columns. Arch-shaped structures also shed rain & snow well.


All Super Atlas Series profiles meet or exceed site-specific design criteria, offering narrow to wide spans with no center load-bearing columns, and trusses at 18 inches and up to 24 inches deep (approx. 46 cm to 61 cm) depending upon width and site loads.


  • Fully engineered specifically for your site location.
  • Available with a structural engineer’s seal.
  • Arch-style design & sizing in many different profiles to fit your needs.
  • Custom designs available.
  • Exceptional value.

Industry Applications

Commercial uses:


Equipment storage, commodity storage, salt and sand storage, warehousing.


Agricultural uses:


Farm equipment storage, commodity storage, composting, equine exercise barn.


Municipal and Public Works uses:


General equipment storage, salt and sand storage, warehousing.


Other industry uses:


Agribusiness, automotive storage, aviation, beef/livestock, boats/marina, break bulk, cold storage, commercial distribution, concert venues, construction, distributions, dairy, equipment storage (farm), equipment storage (commercial), events & hospitality, general storage, goats and sheep, grain storage, government facilities, hospitality venues, indoor golf, landscaping, loading docks, logistics & transportation, maintenance/construction, manufacturing, marine and ports, mercantile, military, mining, municipal, oil, gas, energy, parks and recreation, port authority, solid waste management, sport & recreation, storage, transfer stations, transportation, warehousing, waste & recycling, wastewater treatment, workshops.


Technical specifications

  • Building widths start at 90 ft. and up to 108 ft. wide (approx. 27.5 m to 33 m).
  • Can be of any length.
  • Building height and interior clearance are designed to meet the customer’s specific needs.
  • Standard leg heights range from 8’ ft. to 12’ ft. (approx. 2.5 m to 3.5 m).
  • Additional custom leg heights can be achieved.
  • Super Atlas series building profile is a dome or arch.
  • Truss spacing is dependent on application and site loads.
  • Cover is made up of individual Keder panels.

Engineered for your site location


Standard features

  • Post-production hot-dipped galvanized trusses.
  • Fabrics are 12 oz & 13.5 oz High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), available in both Flame Retardant (FR) and Non-Flame Retardant (Non FR) versions.
  • Available in white, green, blue, sandstone, brown, grey, and red in NovaShield Non-Flame retardant; white, blue, green, grey, sandstone, and black or white mesh in Flame-Retardant fabrics.
  • Super Atlas cover is made up of individual Keder panels.
  • End Flaps are available in accent colours.

Custom options

  • Stainless steel cables.
  • Post-production hot-dipped galvanized purlins and secondaries.
  • Hot-dipped galvanized bolt package.
  • Open ended, partially enclosed or fully enclosed building.
  • Customizable steel leg heights.
  • Chimneys, insulation, lighting, HVAC, fire suppression and more can be added by contractor.
  • Doors can be designed into end walls.
  • Customizable side opening.
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride) covers are available.
  • Elite Fabric is available as an upgrade, and it extends your warranty.
  • Aprons can be provided with accent colours.
  • End wall mesh vents.
  • Branding and logo printing.

Super Atlas Series buildings can be built on the following foundation types: blocks, containers, grade beam, helical screw, piers, poured wall, precast, slab, posts, base rail.


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