14 March 2024

Why Industrial and Commercial Construction Companies Choose Fabric Buildings


Fast building, highly portable designs, and energy efficiency are just some of the reasons why industrial and commercial construction companies have made the move to fabric buildings over traditional, hard-sided solutions. One of the core benefits may not be the most obvious, though. The advantages of natural lighting in buildings, something fabric buildings provide, can be an excellent added benefit overall, making a space more efficient and even more enjoyable and comfortable to be in on an ongoing basis.

Consider the Advantages of Natural Lighting in Buildings

With the use of commercial fabric structures, companies in all sectors of the construction industry have the ability to create custom-designed, highly functional spaces that meet virtually any application that larger, traditional buildings offer. Yet, it is critical to recognize the benefits that natural light brings to the space.

Minimize Energy Consumption

At the heart of this is the significant reduction in energy consumption. This is one of the main benefits of fabric buildings overall. They do a better job of reducing the need for high-powered, indoor HVAC systems that can drive costs up. Instead, the natural light helps to drive costs down in two ways:

  • There is better light control within the space, reducing the need for external electrical systems to light the space.
  • There is less need for energy to heat and cool the space as well, which also helps with energy conservation needs.
  • Commercial fabric structures provide for a more cost-effective design without the need for energy solutions to heat and light them at the same rate as traditional spaces, and that can save money in every application.

Environmental Sustainability

Another of the best reasons to choose custom fabric structures for most building needs is because they are, overall, better for the environment. This is one of the advantages of natural lighting buildings, but it is also beneficial on a larger scale. Many of the best construction fabric spaces are built with materials that are reused or recycled, and they can be reused and recycled many times over. That keeps materials out of the landfill, making it a better choice overall for the environment.

Comprehensive Equipment Protection

The advantage of fabric buildings is that they can be designed to meet any need. That means they can accommodate larger equipment that needs to be somewhat protected from the environment. It can also provide protection from too much sunlight on employees as they work over a target area. Since they are flexible enough to move from one area to the next, this makes them a viable solution for business construction spaces overall.

Worker Safety and Morale

Perhaps one of the lesser-known advantages of natural lighting in buildings is that it improves the overall mood of workers. Natural light is critical to Vitamin D access for humans, which is necessary for good health overall. While direct sunlight can be problematic for employees, being under commercial fabric structures allows for some of that natural light to filter through, impacting a person’s mood and overall comfort.

Note that, in comparison to artificial light fixtures, construction and industrial fabric building designs can rely more heavily on natural lighting for most functional needs. Artificial light is hard on the eyes, but natural light, even through the filter of a fabric structure, is far easier to work in. Simply put, it is a more pleasant environment for teams to work in.

Consider the Options in Versatility

There are numerous benefits to the use of fabric, semi-permanent structures for building and construction companies. The essential elements in fabric building construction can be designed to meet any need including square footage, height requirements, roof shape and dimensions, and air filtration. It is possible to create a space that fits a very specific application or one that can be modified over time to fit needs as they change.

For construction companies, it is critical to be able to be flexible when changing conditions occur or a project advances to the next stage. With a fast and easy way to tear down and rebuild, these systems can solve many of the most common and costly problems an industry building construction company has when it comes to versatile building solutions. With a few tips for long-lasting fabric building maintenance (which is also rather easy), it is possible to use these structures for years to come with solid results and easy customization.

Choosing the Best Solution for Any Application

Commercial construction companies that need a reliable building solution for covering equipment, shading worksites, or creating an indoor workspace that is semi-permanent or permanent should look to the benefits of commercial fabric structures. The construction fabric structure can be any size and serve virtually any function with ease while also working to reduce costs. This, coupled with the advantages of natural lighting in buildings overall, makes fabric the smart choice for virtually any application. Rest easy knowing every Britespan building is fully engineered to meet the required compliance codes.

Learn more about the advantages of natural lighting in buildings and the versatility that building and construction companies see in fabric buildings by reaching out to our team at Britespan  Building Systems Inc. Expect outstanding solutions that meet your ongoing needs no matter the size, scale, or length of the project or how many times you need to modify it.