11 August 2023

How to Design the Ultimate Beef Barn or Feedlot Facility

Designing epic series beef barn

Britespan offers a variety of building styles and sizes ranging from 24’- 200’ wide to any length to accommodate everything from small beef barns to larger beef feedlot facilities. Our traditional peak-style buildings are a popular choice for many beef farmers and producers.

When choosing a beef barn there are a number of areas to consider:

1. Barn Ventilation

Britespan peak style buildings that can be customized with an overshot peak at the pitch or chimneys which both provide optimal ventilation throughout the barn. Side curtains also provide increased airflow throughout the barn which helps moderate temperatures during the warmer months.

2. Herd Health

Keeping the cattle healthy is a key component to achieving the best average daily gain and feed conversion. Britespans cattle facilities have white fabric roofs that allow good-quality light to filter through and stimulate the livestock. This creates an ideal comfortable environment year-round.

This optimal airflow system reduces moisture build-up which creates a healthy growing environment and decreased vet costs.

3. Average Daily Gain

Increasing average daily gain is a topic on every beef producer’s mind. Farmers who have transitioned to a Britespan fabric building have noted that their average daily gain has improved when compared to housing their herd in a traditional pole barn structure.

Production conditions are a contributor to average daily gain results. The optimal airflow in Britespan agriculture barns allows the cattle to keep cool in the warmer months in comparison to pole barns or being outside all season.

4. Daylight  Efficiency

Britespan’s beef barns provide tons of natural light which eliminates the need for light during the day and also reduces the amount of capital lighting needed in the first place. This allows the farmer to be more efficient when it comes to electrical costs and reduces the amount of lights needed with the white fabric illuminating the interior of the barn in comparison to dark steel or traditional barn structure.

5. Optimizing Feed Conversion

Having a feedlot facility that is designed to work for the animals maximizes the feed conversion of the animals reducing the feed costs for the producer. Britespan fabric buildings can be easily customized with alleyway and pen sizing in mind to help make every day on the farm easier. They can also be customized with graded entries, door entries, ventilation systems, sloped floors for hassle-free pen cleaning, manure and hay storage areas and more.

Britespan’s buildings are an ideal option for housing your herd as they help to prioritize herd health and increase average daily gain and feed conversion.

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  • Does Britespan offer buildings with over-shot peak-style buildings?

Britepsan has an impressive line of building styles that includes a variety of designs from dome-shaped structures to peak-style buildings that can be customized with an over-shot ridge.

Overshoot ridge peak in large cattle barns provides great ventilation inside the fabric building which helps to decrease moisture build-up and keeps temperatures cool during the warmer months. This helps create an ideal environment to maximize feed conversion and average daily gain.

Visit our building styles page here to explore the building styles we offer!