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Britespan fabric buildings as beef cattle barns for a healthy productive herd


Choosing a Britespan beef barn building is the ideal choice for those who want to support their animals’ health and growth. Our fabric beef barn construction creates a properly ventilated, easy-to-manage, and customed home for your cattle. These beef cattle fabric covered buildings enhance ventilation, improve overall layout options, create a customized microclimate, and allow for improved efficiencies throughout your operation.


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Key Steps to Improve Beef Barns Productivity with Our Building Solutions

Column Free for Added Efficiencies

Our beef cow and calf barn designs allow for a column-free interior, allowing for flexibility in your layout and overall design. Choose free-span buildings ranging from 24’ to 210’ wide to any length.

Choose the Roof Style Fitting Your Needs

Beef barns can have a variety of profile options to fit most needs including domed, peak, gable-shaped, arched, or hoop buildings for cattle.

Incorporate the Features Desired in Your Cattle Buildings

With our flexible beef barn construction, you can incorporate virtually any feature you need with ease and without extensive cost. This includes doors, chimneys, ridge vents, and more placed where they are best suited for your needs. Lighting, HVAC, fire suppression, and other features are added as needed into the beef barn building to create a customized level of function.

Improved Animal Health

The use of fabric beef barns greatly contributes to the improvement of cattle health. If you want your animals to be healthy and happy, providing an open space interior that allows for easy management and a stress-free environment is ideal. The fabric cladding of our beef barns helps to provide better ventilation and a cooler interior environment, resulting in fewer illnesses.

Add Light and Fresh Air

Reduce the risk of shadows, improve the overall natural light within the space, and boost ventilation with fabric roofs. Designed to make interior management easier to manage, these barns offer a better level of functionality.



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Frequently Asked

A fabric building has a steel truss frame structure with a fabric membrane roof. The fabric membrane tensions across the framework creating a strong, durable, and cooler space inside.

Fabric beef barns improve animal health, minimize health risks by improving ventilation, and they create an easier-to-manage interior. Because they have a lightweight structure, they are also capable of being designed without interior columns that get in the way of the space you need.

Animal welfare is improved with our fabric material. The fabric material in our cattle buildings allows for more natural light, improving average daily gains (ADG). This fabric roof allows for better temperature control, keeping cattle cooler in the hot summer, and helping to provide protection from harsh winter elements. More so, the improved air circulation and cooler temperatures allow for enhanced cow comfort, leading to improved growth rates.

Beef cattle fabric covered buildings are highly customizable and designed to be easier to manage overall. They are lighter in weight, which can contribute to more flexibility in the layout, enhancing productivity.

You must consider weather and topography of the area. You also have to consider the location based on feed and pasture availability and ease of access.

Cattle sheds and buildings must, at the very least, provide a space that is clean and comfortable for the number of animals present. They must allow for proper drainage of water, room for the animal to stand and lie down, and provide easy access to food and drink. Additionally, it is critical to consider how well the environment supports the production of beef in terms of management of the animals, keeping people and herd safe.

For barn space for a cow that weighs 1,000 to 1,300 pounds, 35-50 square feet per head is ideal. For cow and calf pens, generally 200-500 square feet is adequate.

Simply, yes, fabric beef barns are ideal for beef barn construction. High quality, well-designed, and customized buildings can be effective for 25 to 30 years before the roof needs to be replaced, handling all of the demands of the cattle and the farm itself. The material used in these spaces is specifically resilient to the climate and conditions present, which helps to support its longevity. Fabric can withstand all aspects of nature while providing ample protection from predators as well.

Yes, beef cattle barns with a fabric roof can be easily customized to fit virtually any size requirements necessary.  Our beef barns range from 24 feet wide to 210 feet wide without any length limitations. This allows for ample options whether you need small beef cattle barns for a hobby farm or a large space to increase production.

As customizable spaces, there are numerous benefits to using fabric buildings for beef barns, including that they improve ventilation overall. Options for ventilation and airflow include rollup doors, open sidewalls, ridge vents, and both covered and uncovered chimneys. By utilizing a customized layout and design, it is possible to create passive systems that incorporate both stack ventilation as well as cross ventilation, improving animal health and wellbeing while also contributing to the overall environmental safeguards necessary.

Fabric beef barns are increasingly recognized for their energy efficiency compared to traditional structures, primarily due to their innovative design features. One of the most significant advantages is the abundance of natural light these buildings allow during daytime hours. This natural illumination reduces the dependency on artificial lighting, thereby lowering energy consumption and costs. The translucent materials used in fabric barns ensure that a bright, well-lit environment is maintained throughout the day, which is not only energy-efficient but also beneficial for the well-being of the animals. Moreover, the design of fabric beef barns promotes improved air flow and cooler interiors. This enhanced ventilation means that there is less need for mechanical air movement systems, such as fans or air conditioners, leading to further reductions in energy usage, which makes them as much as 70% more energy efficient to maintain overall.


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Improve the health of your herd and average daily gain with the naturally bright interiors and superior air quality in a Britespan beef barn.

With a fabric building, you’ll enjoy:

  • Buildings up to 300′ wide to any length
  • Easily added eaves, curtains and chimneys
  • Healthier and happier herds