Credit Valley Conservation Event Structure

“Most definitely I would recommend Britespan to anyone just because of the customer service experience and again, the quality of the building and the variety of applications that Britespan buildings

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Poechman Farms Egg Laying Hen Barn

“[My local dealer] was very instrumental in helping us design the concept so that it would work for my needs.” (Gerald, Poechman Farms)

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Haines Beef Feedlot Facility

“The issue we had with some of our other facilities in the past was with the ventilation, but with this one, we have really improved the ventilation, which has improved

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Kubota North Warehousing and Equipment Storage Building

“The Britespan building has helped us [with] our relationship with our customers… I used to have a 2-3 week turnaround to get [tractor] accessories…Whereas now, somebody comes in, they want

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Shepherd Creek Farms Sheep Barn

“I really like this facility…I feel like we are outside. I like the fact that they feel like they are outside, but they are protected. [The sheep] are protected from

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Riding Arena – Northstar Livestock

“Before, we would train horses until late November or early December, and then that part of the business would close for a [few] months…This building [allows] us go all year

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Town of Ladysmith Warehousing Composting Facility

“The reason for choosing Britespan [was] the ability to work with the manufacturer on our custom design that we were looking for in our building.” (Shane Lassam, Compost Facility Operator)

6 February 2023 No Comments

Over the Moon Farm Indoor Riding Arena

“The light is amazing; you don’t need to use as many lights as you do in a conventional steel arena… It’s nice, bright, and airy… I would absolutely recommend Britespan.

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Credit Valley Conservation’s Dock Event Structure

“The feedback that we have heard back from visitors has been all positive and praise for the design of it… We have nothing but compliments for the design of the

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Shepherd Creek Sheep Barn

“We custom-made the Britespan building [knowing] that we [would] have sheep in it… In saying that, we also made it [so] that everything could come out very easily… These give you that

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