What is a fabric building?

A fabric building is a frame-supported tensioned membrane cladded structure. Fabric buildings can be permanent, insurable buildings and temporary, portable structures. Fabric structures are available in a variety of quality

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What are the advantages of a fabric building?

The top three reasons why our customers buy Britespan buildings are: 1) Our fabric allows natural light to illuminate the interior of the building, creating a shadowless and bright environment.

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What are fabric buildings used for?

You’ll find Britespan fabric structures in permanent agricultural, commercial and public works building applications. When temporary and portable fabric buildings are required, Britespan delivers customizable solutions for maximum versatility. Find a building solution that

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What are the advantages of a fabric structure vs. a steel-cladded structure?

The main advantages of tension fabric buildings with steel trusses include the speed of construction, less maintenance, and an improved interior environment compared to steel or metal roof systems. Fabric

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How can I customize my fabric building?

Britespan fabric buildings offer a great variety of customizable options, such as chimneys and eaves for ventilation, doors, insulation, foundations, side entrances, end/side walls and custom branding that can include logo

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How much do fabric buildings cost?

Several factors determine the final cost, including location, site conditions, building width and length, foundation type, finishes and accessories. We recommend getting a detailed quote from a local dealer for

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What are the available widths for Britespan buildings?

We have an impressive series of eight different styles of buildings with various standard sizes for each. Britespan’s fabric buildings start as small as 24’ wide and span up to

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Are there financing options for fabric buildings?

You can finance, lease-to-own or purchase your fabric structure through various financial institutions and lenders. We’ll connect you with the resources and professionals to help you understand the options for

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Where can I buy a fabric building?

Britespan’s pre-engineered buildings are sold through a network of local authorized dealers throughout North America and beyond. Our local dealer experts are professionally trained to assist you in selecting the

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Who installs my fabric building?

Here at Britespan, we pride ourselves in partnering with factory-trained authorized dealers who will install your building to exceed Britespan’s warranty requirements. Click here to get in touch with your

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