High capacity with efficient access.

Whether you run a private road maintenance company or a municipal public works department, a Britespan pre- engineered fabric building lets you maximize cubic storage space while optimizing access to your salt & sand.

Protect your de-icing materials all year round and ensure reliable access when inclement weather strikes with a Britespan structure. Engineered for longevity and many customization options, our building series are available in widths of up to 210 feet and any length, offering spacious interiors and generous overhead clearance for heavy equipment.


Old problems require moderns solutions in waste management.

Our prefabricated structures offer any commercial operations a smart solution for waste management facilities. Whether it’s recycling, waste transfer stations, sorting areas, or composting centres, Britespan’s steel-framed structures are fully engineered to site-specific weather loads and rigorous building codes.

High functioning and easily customizable, our buildings are flexible enough to adapt to a community’s changing waste management needs and come with an array of options such as extra high sidewalls and legs, a variety of door sizes and styles, flexible foundation options, custom portals, openings and more.


With the rise of e-commerce, warehouses needs have expanded.

Warehouses come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be customized to suit the specific needs of different businesses. Easily equipped with loading docks, doors, and other features that facilitate the movement of goods in and out of the building, Britespan can help your business with the right warehouse-optimized building to improve you supply chain management, providing a flexible and controlled environment for the storage of goods.

Protecting your inventory and your operation from the elements starts with a high-performing storage space. Britespan’s fabric warehouse storage buildings come with column-free, clear-span floor plans to allow for maximum storage, efficient racking systems, and easy access by material handling equipment. The waterproof, translucent fabric is highly durable for maximum protection and lets in plenty of natural light, reducing the need for electric lighting.


Moving goods and people across the world.

With the rise of e-commerce and global trade, the transportation and logistics industry has become more complex and competitive than ever before, including its needs for warehousing, freight forwarding, and supply chain management. Companies must constantly innovate and optimize their operations to keep up with changing consumer demands and market trends.

Britespan fabric buildings are engineered and designed to optimize capacity and fast access, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings for your operations; add versatility of interior layouts and many customization options, we can help you adapt, innovate, and remain competitive in this global industry.


At the edge of rivers, lakes, and other waterways.

Marine ports, or seaports, or simply ports, are specialized facilities located at the water’s edge. Boats and ships can load and unload cargo or passengers, effectively acting as transportation hubs for the movement of goods and people between regions via bodies of water.

Britespan fabric buildings are engineered and designed for wide-span and large interior capacity, accommodating a range of vessels and cargo for storage, distribution, logistics and more. Interior layouts can be customized and with many accessories options available, it is fully engineered to your site’s location and climate, as either a permanent or temporary structure.


Large volume capacity and interior layout versatility.

Having sufficient space to store large inventories of products and equipment with a flexible design for optimized workflows are key priorities for all manufacturing operations. A Britespan buildings meets these needs and more.

No interior columns offer an open floor plan that allows the flexibility to create the best layout for your operations. Our buildings are fully customizable, and can be outfitted with insulation, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, doors of various styles and sizes, and plenty more.


Britespan fabric buildings are a quick and effective solution for storing grain.

Our fabric buildings are ideal for storing, curing, and warehousing grain crops. Wide column-free interiors allow for maximum air movement, circulation, and natural light, offering easy visibility and access to the stored grain.

The clear-span height allows for maximum cubic storage and optimal clearance to accommodate elevators, conveyors, commodity bins and other heavy machinery.


Britespan fabric buildings are a great idea for fertilizer storage.

Column-free interiors which allow for building widths up to 210 feet and any length make Britespan steel- framed fabric buildings a great option for storing fertilizer. The clear-span height lets you house more products in a smaller footprint by accessing cubic storage.

All buildings are fully customizable to your needs and can accommodate a variety of operating equipment and accessories like elevators, conveyors, commodity bins, racking, and varying door styles and sizes.


Keep your equipment protected from the elements.

Britespan’s steel-framed tension fabric buildings are perfect for storing machinery and equipment. Ample height and interior clearance maximize cubic storage space let you keep more inventory in a smaller footprint. Our column-free, clear span floor plans are customizable up to a width of 210 feet and any length, allowing large vehicles to maneuver with ease.

Our prefabs buildings are versatile and customizable so you can create extra space for more storage or racking systems and include additional components like fire suppression systems, HVAC systems, and insulation and electrical service for comfort and safety.


Essential for many businesses to be successful!

Getting goods from manufacturers to consumers in a timely and efficient manner in important in today’s environment. With many wholesalers, distributors, and retailers involved in the movement of products from the point of production to the point of consumption, there’s increased demand for distribution facilities that are flexible, customizable and have large capacity for storage and movement.

Britespan fabric buildings are engineered and designed to optimize interior movement and have large capacity, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings for your distribution operations. Interior layouts can be customized and with many accessories options available, we can help you adapt, innovate, and remain competitive in this global industry.