Britespan fabric buildings as beef cattle barns for a healthy productive herd.

From small hobby farms to large commercial operations, Britespan fabric buildings can be easily customized to suit any beef barn layout. Column-free interiors allow for a completely open floor plan, maximize space and functionality, and let you add equipment and accessories like chimneys, doors, feed bunks, curtains, gates, pens, and more.


Britespan fabric buildings as dairy barns for healthier cattle and higher milk production.

The right environment for your dairy cattle starts with your barn. With ample light and superior airflow and ventilation, Britespan cattle barns help keep your cows healthy, happy, and productive. Our fabric buildings are also large enough to accommodate equipment and accessories like robotic milking systems, feed bunks, eaves and chimneys, retractable curtains, and doors.


Britespan fabric buildings for all season equestrians.

Whether it’s a small horse barn or a large dressage or show jumping arena, you can customize a Britespan prefab building to create the perfect environment for horses and riders alike. Plenty of ambient natural light and gentle acoustics eliminate shadows and noise that can spook horses while column-free interiors let you create an open floor plan to meet your needs, and include stalls, tack rooms, viewing areas, and storage for equipment and feed.


Protect your farm equipment from the elements.

Your farm equipment and machinery are a big investment. Don’t let the rain, snow, or fluctuating temperatures damage or deteriorate these valuable farm assets. A prefab barn from Britespan offers maximum square footage, exceptional airflow, and ventilation to keep your farm equipment and machinery in top working condition and reduce maintenance and service costs.


Keep your hay and straw protected from the elements.

High-quality hay is a valuable commodity that you work hard to produce. But off-season weather or sunlight can undo your efforts. A durable, well-ventilated prefab barn from Britespan controls moisture build-up inside your hay barn, keeps the crop dry, and helps maintain its quality.

Column free-interiors and additional cubic storage height allow you to store more hay and straw while easily operating large equipment, machinery, and hay bale conveyors.


Britespan fabric buildings for a more productive goat or sheep farm.

Whether for milk or meat production, a Britespan prefab building can be easily customized to the needs of your goat or sheep farming operation. Clear-span interiors allow you to design and customize your floor plan with accessories and equipment like alleys, gating, pens, feed systems and milk parlours.

Waterproof, translucent fabric covers let in plenty of natural light, protect against harmful UV rays, and provide superior ventilation to help reduce risk of respiratory illness in the herd.


Britespan fabric buildings are a quick and effective solution for storing grain.

Our fabric buildings are ideal for storing, curing, and warehousing grain crops. Wide column-free interiors allow for maximum air movement, circulation, and natural light, offering easy visibility and access to the stored grain.

The clear-span height allows for maximum cubic storage and optimal clearance to accommodate elevators, conveyors, commodity bins and other heavy machinery.


Britespan fabric buildings are a great solution for fertilizer storage.

Column-free interiors which allow for building widths up to 210 feet and any length make Britespan steel- framed fabric buildings a great option for storing fertilizer. The clear-span height lets you house more products in a smaller footprint by accessing cubic storage.

All buildings are fully customizable to your needs and can accommodate a variety of operating equipment and accessories like elevators, conveyors, commodity bins, racking, and varying door styles and sizes.


High volume AG commodity storage to better manage supply and demand.

Storing raw materials or agricultural products in bulk is easy with Britespan’s fabric buildings. With plenty of capacity, ventilation, a shadow-free environment and natural light, our structures can help maintain the quality and integrity of your stored commodity over time.

Our buildings can provide enough room to operate large machinery inside, with column-free interiors and widths of up to 210 feet by any length, allowing for efficient bulk storage of palletized and packaged goods and full clearance for a variety of operating equipment.


Britespan fabric buildings help keep manure and compost at an ideal temperature.

Commodities like manure and compost need to be stored at the right temperature and be easily accessible. Our column-free interiors have building widths up to 210 feet, and to any length, to allow for safe bulk storage of palletized and packaged commodities like manure and compost and for large equipment and machinery to maneuver and operate unobstructed.

The clear-span height also helps store more products in a smaller footprint.