29 October 2018

The True Cost of Salt Storage

Salt and Sand Storage Building on Piers

Choosing a salt storage building for your operations is important. Proper storage solutions can reduce runoff, protect salt and sand from the elements, and can also help you adhere to environmental salt management plans.

But did you know that the building you choose to store salt in can end up costing you more than the actual salt inside?! We know what you’re thinking – no thanks!

Here is a little secret. The foundation type can be the key component to help you store more salt, and minimize your overall cost per ton stored.

The Facts

  • Buildings mounted on piers independently from the bunker wall will reduce the foundation cost by as much as 50%
  • Gain more interior clearance by increasing the leg and/or pier height
  • Bunker panels can be up to 16 feet tall storing 40% more salt
  • More salt, same footprint, with less foundation cost = LOWER COST PER TON SALT STORAGE