13 October 2023

Increasing Farm Efficiency with a Britespan Barn Building at Doral Farms, in Bruce County, Ontario

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– The Whytocks increased farm efficiency with a Britespan building.

– Their 62′ x 190′ dairy barn houses both calves and far off dry cows with ease.

– Unique self-cleaning pack floor minimizes manual cleaning saving labour.

– The barn provides enough space for essential farming tasks and optimizes natural lighting.

– The Whytocks found the Britespan building to be cost-effective and perfectly suited to their needs.

– Tom and Christy Whytocks are now enthusiastic endorsers of Britespan buildings for their unparalleled efficiency and functionality.

In the agricultural industry, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount. Whether you’re housing livestock or storing machinery, the choice of building and infrastructure can significantly impact your farm’s overall productivity and profit. For Tom and Christy Whytock of Doral Farms in Ontario, the solution lay in investing in a Britespan building.

The Backstory

Like many farmers, the Whytocks, owners of Doral Farms, were looking for ways to improve the functionality and efficiency of their farm operations. Dairy farming, in particular, poses its set of challenges. From ensuring the well-being of the calves and cows to managing the various chores associated with dairy farming, such as feeding and cleaning, every aspect needs to be streamlined to optimize outcomes.

The Britespan Buildings Solution

After careful consideration, the Whytocks made a decision to acquire a Britespan building. The building, measuring 62′ x 190′, was purposed as a dairy barn to house both calves and the far off dry cows.

One of the standout features of the Britespan building is its self-cleaning pack floor. For any farmer, reducing the need for regular cleaning can lead to significant time and cost savings. This feature ensures that waste and other detritus are easily scrapped, ensuring a healthier environment for the livestock and easier maintenance for the farmers.

Additionally, the building’s design accommodates ample space for routine dairy farming activities. Whether it’s feeding the livestock, scraping the floors, or other tasks, the space of the barn ensures that these activities can be carried out without any hindrance.

Another advantage that cannot be understated is the natural lighting. Not only does this contribute to the well-being and health of the livestock,  but it also reduces the farm’s dependence on artificial lighting, leading to energy savings and, consequently, financial savings.

Farm Efficiency Driven by the New Britespan Building

Post their investment, Doral farms became noticeably more efficient. The easy-to-clean floor helps to reduce the amount of time and effort to clean the barn. The natural lighting elevated the mood and health of the livestock and also cut down electricity bills.

But beyond the measurable benefits, Tom and Christy found that the Britespan building perfectly aligned with their needs. Its functionality was apparent not just in its features but also in how it seamlessly integrated into their farming routine, enhancing rather than disrupting.

The Doral Farms Comment

Doral Farms stands as a testament to what can be achieved when the right investments are made in infrastructure. The Whytocks’ choice to opt for a Britespan building was driven by the need for efficiency, and the building delivered on this front and more.

Today, Tom and Christy Whytock are not just satisfied customers; they are advocates. They highly recommend Britespan buildings to fellow farmers for its dual promise of efficiency and functionality.

For those in the farming sector, the Doral farms experience serves as a compelling case for why investing in the right infrastructure can be a game-changer. In an industry where margins can be thin, and efficiency can mean the difference between profit and loss, choices like these can set one up for sustained success.

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