5 June 2024

Customizable Fabric Covered Structures for Unique Equipment Storage Needs

farm equipment storage building

Proper equipment storage prevents damage, minimizes the risk of theft, and may help to minimize the amount of maintenance that it needs. Yet, traditional structures are expensive to build and may prove to be unnecessary. Customizable fabric storage offers a better alternative, one that’s flexible to accommodate most needs and competitively priced.

The Benefits of Customizable Fabric Storage for Equipment

Choose from numerous fabric structure types designed for most applications. Select a fabric structure specific for agricultural equipment, commercial equipment and storage, as well as government equipment. Consider the advantages of using fabric for your equipment’s protection.

Convenient Solution for Any Type of Equipment

One of the best reasons to utilize customizable fabric storage spaces is because it is simply the most convenient of options.

  • Choose from temporary or permanent installations. This enables you to protect equipment even if it’s not long-term.
  • Interior spaces lack columns, which means that moving equipment into and out of the structure (as well as around within it) is easy to do no matter how big and bulky that machinery is.
  • Customizable layouts also allow you to construct the fabric equipment storage solution virtually anywhere, even in oddly shaped locations.

Fabric Buildings for Equipment Storage Offer Flexibility in Application

Your specific needs don’t have to limit the protection options right for your equipment. For example, with equipment storage in fabric buildings, you can select most types of foundations, giving you the ability to inexpensively choose a material that’s right for the project. Moreover, the structure isn’t going to budge, no matter the foundation. You get the same level of superior durability and strength regardless of where you place it.

You can also create spaces that may be taller in one area and shorter in another. If you need to be able to extend your vehicle’s boom fully, having an interior space with ample height could be critical. This, along with the lack of interior columns, allows you the flexibility you need to use your fabric building for any application you desire.

Add the Accessories Right for Your Project

Just as versatile and functional as traditional structures, the commercial fabric building lets you modify it in far more ways (and less expensively) than you may realize. Consider the accessories right for your project. This could include:

  • Chimneys: for proper and improved ventilation of that equipment
  • Access points at various locations to further add flexibility in the use and management of structures around your goals
  • Windows to improve visibility 
  • Doors of all shapes and sizes to fit most applications and needs

With these accessories comes the ability to customize. That is, you can choose where and what to position throughout the space. You may benefit from numerous doors of various sizes in several specific locations. It’s easy to choose a structure that fits your business objectives and equipment storage needs instead of having to flex to make a space work otherwise.

Long-term Warranty and Durability

It’s a mistake to believe that equipment storage in fabric buildings offers any less durability and protection than a traditional hard-sided structure. The fact is, these structures are built to maximize the functionality of your space without any limitation on strength.

When you choose products from Britespan, you receive long-term warranties that support our claims of stability and strength. Britespan buildings are compliant with standard building codes, insurable, and come with a 25-year extended warranty on elite fabrics. That’s an impressive amount of time to enjoy peace of mind regarding the structure’s overall functionality.

Easy Application and Management

Consider the use of fabric buildings for equipment storage for your next project. If you need to get set up and ready to go on a project site, you do not have time to wait for a significant build time. More so, you need a solution that is going to be quick to get in place so there’s no downtime. Commercial, agricultural, and Industrial fabric structure solutions can do that.

It takes no time to set them up. You choose the custom size fabric storage right for your space. It’s designed and sent to your location in no time. Because Britespan handles the entire process in-house for you, it’s faster and more convenient (not to mention more cost-effective). The team designs, engineers, and manufacturers all prefab fabric buildings in-house. 

Setting it up takes no time to complete. Once in place, there’s very little maintenance and upkeep of the structure either. These fabric buildings are engineered for performance. They are custom equipment storage you don’t have to paint or do much more than wash them off when needed. 

Finding the Right Solution for Your Needs Is Critical

For those who are looking for the most flexible and customizable fabric storage option, there is no better choice than the products at Britespan Building Systems Inc. Because there’s a team of designers ready to work with you, there’s really no limitation on what we can create to build to protect your equipment, no matter the type, size, or functionality of that equipment.

Request a quote from our team today to learn more about how easily we can get your equipment storage in place and serve your needs.