7 February 2024

Britespan Supports Community Care with Historic Hospital Donation

Britespans Historic Hospital Donation- Supporting Community Care

In the heart of our community, where every contribution weaves a stronger social fabric. We are so proud of Britespan’s leadership and their contributions to the Wingham and District Hospital. It is a testament to the profound sense of responsibility and commitment they feel towards the local community. This magnanimous contribution, earmarked for the pivotal “Caring Together CT Scanner” campaign, is not just a monetary donation; it’s a lifeline that promises to transform healthcare accessibility and quality for the residents.

Nicole Jutzi, the foundation’s executive director, expressed immense gratitude to Britespan, she said “We are so grateful to Britespan, Ben and Rob, for this incredible donation. This $1 million donation represents the largest gift this hospital has ever received. It’s transformative. This incredible gift from Britespan will transform the face of our hospital. Their generosity will be reflected in the experience of every patient who receives a CT scan close to home.”

The introduction of a CT scanner to the local hospital is a milestone that will redefine healthcare in Wingham and its surrounding areas. This advanced diagnostic tool is not just a piece of medical equipment, it ensures that critical healthcare services are within reach of every community member. The implications of having such technology available locally are far-reaching. It means timely diagnosis, prompt treatment, and the potential to save lives that might otherwise be at risk due to travel constraints or delayed access to essential healthcare services.

“Having it down the hall is going to make an incredible difference to our community and to our organization. It’s what we train with. So we are used to having that ability, so it will be an absolute huge draw for people looking at our community to practice medicine,” said Dr. Sean Henderson, a physician at Wingham’s hospital.

Ben also emphasized Britespan’s long-standing commitment to community support local communities, “As a local family business, Rob Stute and I have always believed in the importance of supporting the local community. We have been putting money aside for several years now so that when the special need arose, we could step up and give in a big way. Wingham is where the majority of our staff come for their hospital care. We feel that responsibility to them and to our community.”

The “Caring Together CT Scanner” campaign, with its goal to raise $2.5 million, has been significantly bolstered by this donation. It brings us closer to realizing a future where quality healthcare is not a distant dream but a readily available service. The expected arrival of the CT scanner by early 2025 marks a new era in healthcare for our community, promising better health outcomes, the attraction of top medical professionals to our area, and a robust healthcare system that can cater to the growing needs of our population.

The impact of this donation extends beyond the realms of healthcare. It sets a precedent for corporate responsibility and philanthropy, inspiring other businesses and individuals to step forward and contribute to our community’s growth and development. Britespan’s leadership in this initiative showcases the powerful role that businesses can play in fostering community well-being and resilience.

You can learn more about the campaign by visiting the Wingham and District Hospital Foundation website.