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Old problems require moderns solutions in waste management


Our prefabricated structures offer any commercial operations a smart solution for waste management facilities. Whether it’s recycling, waste transfer stations, sorting areas, or composting centres, Britespan’s steel-framed structures are fully engineered to site-specific weather loads and rigorous building codes.


High functioning and easily customizable, our buildings are flexible enough to adapt to a community’s changing waste management needs and come with an array of options such as extra high sidewalls and legs, a variety of door sizes and styles, flexible foundation options, custom portals, openings and more.


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Several factors determine the final cost, including location, site conditions, building width and length, foundation type, finishes and accessories. We recommend getting a detailed quote from a local dealer for your specific fabric-building solution.

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The main advantages of tension fabric buildings with steel trusses include the speed of construction, less maintenance, and an improved interior environment compared to steel or metal roof systems.

Fabric structures are installed in days or weeks, not months — a fraction of the time it takes for traditional building methods. You save on installation costs, operating delays, labour, and overall project timelines with our steel-framed fabric-covered buildings.

Additionally, fabric buildings have longer lifespans and require less maintenance. If kept tensioned, fabric covers are known to last over 25 years without needing repair or replacement.

Fabric buildings let in ample natural daylight, saving on utility costs. They improve ventilation and airflow, are non-corrosive, and have UV protection. Fabric cladding does not heat up in the sun, which provides two exceptional advantages:

1. Heat will not be emitted into the building envelope because of radiation.

2. With proper ventilation, the fabric will not experience condensation as steel does during temperature swings.

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You can finance, lease-to-own or purchase your fabric structure through various financial institutions and lenders. We’ll connect you with the resources and professionals to help you understand the options for financing a new Britespan fabric building.

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Protection from the Elements!
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With a corrosion resistant storage building from Britespan, protect waste and materials from the elements and reduce your disposal fees.

With a fabric building, you will:

  • Reduce water weight and disposal fees
  • Minimize your cost per ton stored
  • Access optimal operating height