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Britespan Building Systems Inc. is the authority in fabric buildings in North America, offering solutions for commercial, municipal, public works and agricultural industries. From large operations to small and mid-size businesses, we design, engineer, manufacture, and deliver top-quality structures across the globe.


With over 28 years of experience, 48+ industries served, and 44+ dealers, we offer competitive turn-key building solutions for permanent, temporary, and portable fabric buildings that are pre-engineered for site-specific code conformance. Britespan offers a variety of services including sales, re-covers, repairs, maintenance, and accessories.

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Preview our website to explore our building options, or we can assist you in finding the perfect building solution. As experts in the fabric-building industry, we cater to your specific needs.

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Everyone loves free – we’ll work with you to find a building solution that best suits your needs.

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Our Britespan team and trusted dealer network will assess your building request based on the location, application, and customization options. We can provide you with a turn-key solution that addresses permits, construction, and foundation.

Receive a building quote and timeline, fast.

We work with you to deliver an accurate price for all components and an estimated timeline to complete your building for your approval.

We design, deliver, and construct your building.

Standard fabric buildings are delivered in as little as eight weeks, and custom designs take a little longer to ensure they meet all requirements. We will keep you in the loop throughout the build process from concept to completion.

Your 25-year or 20-year warranty is issued once your building is complete

Preventative maintenance is available to promote longevity and get the most out of your structure.



Britespan is proud to feature NOVASHIELD®, IPG’s Sustainable Membrane Structure Fabric, for use in our Fabric Structure Solutions!

In our commitment to providing our customers with products that offer environmentally responsible solutions, our structures utilize NovaShield® Membrane Structure Fabrics. NovaShield is Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze which provides our customers who share our values and commitment to the environment a sustainable option for their structure.

The Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard is the world’s most ambitious, actionable standard for designing and making products today in ways that enable a healthy, equitable and sustainable tomorrow.

Unlike other certifications, which tend to focus on a singular measure of sustainability, Cradle to Cradle Certified assesses all aspects of product design and manufacturing by evaluating a product’s performance and continuous improvement strategies across five categories:

NovaShieldLogo-PVC-free cradle-2-cradle-novashield-britespan


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