Commercial Compost

High capacity buildings to process organic waste into compost


The commercial compost industry has been growing in recent years as more businesses and communities seek sustainable solutions for managing organic waste and reducing their environmental impact. Compost produced by commercial facilities must meet strict regulatory standards for quality and safety


Britespan buildings are highly functioning and easily customizable with an array of options such as extra high sidewalls and legs, a variety of door sizes and styles, various foundation types, custom portals, openings and lots more.


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Fabric compost and manure buildings

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Several factors determine the final cost, including location, site conditions, building width and length, foundation type, finishes and accessories. We recommend getting a detailed quote from a local dealer for your specific fabric-building solution.

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The top three reasons why our customers buy Britespan buildings are:

1) Our fabric allows natural light to illuminate the interior of the building, creating a shadowless and bright environment.

2) Britespan buildings have no interior load-bearing columns that create obstructions.

3) Lead times and speed of construction provide solutions to our customers faster than other methods of construction.

Beyond this, our customers enjoy exceptional ventilation, overall low maintenance management, and options for permanent or portable solutions.

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You can finance, lease-to-own or purchase your fabric structure through various financial institutions and lenders. We’ll connect you with the resources and professionals to help you understand the options for financing a new Britespan fabric building.

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