Britespan Building Systems named “Huron County Manufacturer of the Year 2012”

Britespan Building Systems named “Huron County Manufacturer of the Year 2012”


The evening concluded with the much anticipated announcement of the Huron County Manufacturer of the Year. Huron County Warden Bernie MacLellan presented the Manufacturer of the Year Award to BRITESPAN Building Systems. Although BRITESPAN is a new company, they have achieved great things since opening their new manufacturing facility in July 2012. The new plant is a fabric covered, steel framed building, just like BRITESPAN sells to its own customers. The facility includes a combination of new equipment, existing equipment and new special proprietary equipment. The construction of this new manufacturing plant insures good, long term jobs for the local community. Britespan is always looking for great people!
The HMA recognized BRITESPAN Building Systems as a leader in their community due to their commitment to developing young people within the company. BRITESPAN has approximately 40 employees and 25% of those employees are under the age of 30. The company invests in the development of employees through training and paying for half of the tuition to employees to register for a courses related to their job. BRITESPAN supports apprenticeship programs and helps provide summer employment for youth.
The HMA also noted that BRITESPAN contributes to the local community through support for the local hospital foundation. BRITESPAN is the major sponsor of the BRITESPAN 4-H Dairy Invitational event in Lucknow, Ontario which just celebrated its 10th anniversary this year.
The awards selection committee was particularly impressed with BRITESPAN’S commitment to its employees. For this reason the company was the winner of the Employer of the Year award. BRITESPAN is looking to expand its staff as the company grows.
“Current and potential customers see us as an innovative and progressive company, that is here for the long-term” said Ben Hogervorst, company president. In accepting the award, he stated much thanks goes to the people working at the company and the 35 dealers. “I appreciate the opportunity to recognize our staff because without our staff and our dealers, we wouldn’t be here” stated Ben.

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