Warranty Forms and Documents

Britespan Warranty Registration Card
Warranty Picture Instructions
Britespan Warranty Registration Form

Contact Britespan Building Systems Inc. or your Dealer for specific warranty details or refer to the Owner Installation Manual accompanying your building or cover.

Britespan Building Systems Warranty Picture Instructions

Allow 30 days from submitting for processing and warranty evaluation of photos.  If you are not emailed a warranty certificate within this time from your Britespan representative please contact us. Please have the SO# available. This is labelled on the truss bundles and cover bag. 

Photo file names cannot contain the following characters / symbols:  /, \, #, :, ?, * (images containing these characters/symbols will cause errors in the submission process). 

Warranty Application Submission

Email the following to warranty@britespanbuildings.com
1) Warranty Registration Form (completed).
2) Individual pictures listed in Warranty Picture Instructions.

Depending on file sizes, attach +/- 5 pictures per email.
For multiple emails:
#1: Should have subject "SO-xxxx War Reg 1 of 3"
#2: Should have subject "SO-xxxx War Reg 2 of 3"
#3: Should have subject "SO-xxxx War Reg 3 of 3"
(etc. if more emails)

Please allow 10-15 business days for a response

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