The Difference between Trusses

truss weightTruss Weight
In order to exceed required loading, Britespan has some of the heaviest trusses in the industry. For example, our 42’ truss weighs 560 lbs. Your building is not something you want to be lightweight.

truss depthTruss Depth

Geometry plays a very important role in the structural integrity of a building. The deeper the truss the more rigid it will be. Britespan’s trusses are commonly built deeper, allowing us to adhere to the strictest building codes and provides superior longevity in adverse conditions. As you look into purchasing a fabric building, make sure that the building is compliant to the building codes. Britespan trusses start at 18" of depth.

round tubingRound vs. Square Tubing

Pound for pound, round tubing is stronger than square. Britespan buildings utilize round tube on their arches as it dramatically reduces cover friction and provides a stronger truss that is needed to comply with stringent building codes. Cover friction can occur where the cover rests against the steel of the truss.

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