Purlins & Cross Cables
solid mounted purlinsSolid Mounted Purlins
Purlins are a section of pipe that keep the trusses spread apart and are responsible for withstanding the wind load against the ends of the building. Britespan uses up to 4.5” purlins that are double bolted to the engineered structural truss, providing the strongest building possible.  There are no parts that can move or loosen over time, which increases the lifespan of your cover.

purlin constructionPurlin Construction
The key to ensuring your fabric building will last for a long time is to make sure that the steel remains as rigid as possible. Cover failures occur when the fabric rubs against the steel trusses. Purlins play a critical role in the rigidity of a building. Britespan buildings use a dedicated large diameter one piece solid purlin.  This system provides unparalleled strength and durability in high wind areas.

cross cablesCross Cables
The strength of a building is dependent on many factors.  While the amount of steel in the building is the biggest factor, you also need to look at the building’s rigidity.  The less the building moves the longer the fabric will last.  Cross cables in a building dramatically reduce the deflection of the building under load.  Well, in theory, that is.  Cables must be secure and tight to achieve this benefit. 

Britespan uses the best quality cables that are solid mounted to structural truss members that are specifically designed to do the job, and they utilize turnbuckles for easy tensioning. 

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