Protect Your Investment
Britespan Building Systems Inc. was formed on the foundation of providing the best value to its customers. We are not willing to sacrifice top quality product for the sake of price when selling our buildings. When purchasing any type of building, you are making a substantial investment. Have you ever considered that this investment might not be insurable? Britespan buildings are engineered to comply with the most current building codes, have more steel, and can be insured investments for years to come. 

Of course, you want to make sure your new fabric building is protected by insurance in case something would happen. Some insurance companies have begun excluding or limiting coverage on buildings that do not meet the requirements of the building codes. It may also be difficult to get any value for an uninsurable building when it comes to the sale of the property. Britespan works hand in hand with insurance companies to eliminate the worry on their end. This means that your Britespan building will be insured like the rest of your buildings. 

Some building owners may think it is unnecessary for the building to meet the requirements of the building codes if it is for their own personal use. You should seriously consider the matter of liability if someone is injured in any way while in your building. 

Warranties and the Company 
Warranties provide you with peace of mind that if something happens to your product, the company will be there to stand behind it. Warranty length is most commonly 15 years. Britespan offers a 16 year warranty, and we believe in our buildings so much that we actually manufacture our product inside one of our own buildings.

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