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One of the most important ways Britespan ensures the best building solution for our customers is by offering building solutions that can either be permanent, temporary, or entirely portable. This is achieved by offering a number of ways to connect to your foundation, including:

  • Steel legs
  • Concrete boots
  • Wood post connections

Site specific reactions are provided with every building allowing your local foundation engineer to design the most cost effective foundation solutions.  Some of the options that are available for foundation include:

  • Wood post (Available on Atlas Series only)
  • Concrete – piers, grade beam, slab, poured walls, etc.
  • Pre-cast foundations such as Ecology Blocks, T-panels, L-panels and others
  • Steel I-beam
  • Helical anchors
  • Shipping containers
  • Base rail systems

These foundation options allow Britespan fabric buildings to stand the test of time in their original place, or be completely de-constructed and moved or stored when a site is finished with it, creating little environmental interference.

Using shipping container foundations also allows us to offer complete building solutions by creating hybrid buildings, because the containers themselves act not only as a foundation for the building, but as functional space used for offices, employee quarters, washrooms, workshops, storage, etc. This really allows our customers to maximize the use of their buildings and their budget for the project.

Always consult with your local foundation engineer for the most cost effective solution to your project.

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