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Fabric Covers

Unlike conventional buildings, for example, where the outer covering is often punctured thousands of times to attach the roofing and wall cladding, our clearspan steel frame buildings are much more airtight reducing air and heat loss. The fabric cover has non-conductive properties that reduce the transmission of heat and cold, making the building feel warmer on cold days and cooler on hot days. 

Employee safety and creating a healthy working environment is another important area of focus at Britespan when designing our buildings. The translucent properties of Britespan’s fabric covers allow natural daylight into the building, reducing or eliminating daytime lighting costs, and creating safe environments for workers. Our customers consistently tell us that our buildings are the most comfortable for their workers, with superior air quality and ventilation, and the floods of natural light that create a shadow-free, safe working environment.

All of Britespan’s steel framed fabric structures are built to last. Our fabric covers are made of Synergy Non-FR and FR Fabrene Fabric. When installed correctly and maintained, fabric covers have been known to last for 20+ years.

Strength & Durability
Synergy Fabric is a heavy weight fabric constructed of two parts, the scrim and 4 mil coatings. The scrim, which is the woven part of the material, is constructed of individual tapes. The unique composition of the tapes and how they are woven together give the fabric its tremendous rip, tear and puncture strength. The specialized 4 mil coatings provide a more uniform and thicker protection layer for the scrim, increasing ultraviolet protection. The thicker coatings are more resistant to abrasion damage during both fabrication and installation of the fabric cover.

The Synergy Non-FR Fabric comes with a 16 year pro-rata warranty. Synergy FR Fabric is a heavy weight fabric with 4 mil coatings used for applications requiring flame retardant material with ultraviolet stability. Synergy FR Fabric comes with a 10 year pro-rata warranty.

Safe & Environmentally Friendly
No toxic chemicals are used in the production of Synergy Non-FR or FR Fabric. All scraps and used covers are 100% recyclable.


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