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Brian Weidner Growing/Finishing Barn
Growing/finishing barn

Customer name:
Brian Weidner
Building size and series: 52' x 210' Atlas Building Series
Building use: Growing/finishing barn
Authorized Dealer: Effingham Animal Health Center, Inc.
Overview of business and benefits of the building:

Weidner runs a 120-cow/calf herd, owns 400 acres of his own, along with renting about the same number of acres. Although not a big operator by today’s standards, but the Weidner farm has continually expanded. With the cow/calf operation continuing to grow, Weidner needed to add more shelters. “The cowherd outgrew their current shelters, so in 2012, I made the decision to erect another shelter. I looked at a lot of choices, but after researching the many types, I always kept coming back to the Britespan series. I started planning in September and by February, construction was completed.”

Weidner chose to go with a 52' x 210' building used for growing/finishing cattle. Inside, there is a feed bunk on one side, 14' scrape alley, bedpack in the back, 5' eave over the feedbunk, 4' eave on the other side, along with some storage in the building and automatic waters.

Weidner has found a lot of positives over the past two years. “The lighting is good. Even on cloudy days and up until it starts to get dark, there is plenty of lightning. Proper ventilation is extremely important with the heat of summer and cold of winter, and the buildings provide the ventilation to help offset these temperature extremes.”

Although the building is only two years old, Weidner is impressed with the durability of the Atlas series. “Everything I read was positive. The company has a good track record; the building is built to last. It didn’t take long to put up. The building is so efficient, but at the same time, the concept is so simple.” Weidner is now exploring the idea of adding another Britespan structure. “I would use this one more as a storage building.”

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