Comparing Building Costs
When comparing the costs and advantages of different building types such as wood framed buildings or steel covered buildings to a Britespan fabric building, it can be difficult to know where to start. So we have broken out some of the important components to the performance of any type of building.

interior lightWindows for Lighting
A building with non-translucent roofing materials must add windows and or skylights to allow natural (free) daylight to enter the building. Typical window frames and glass for a 4x6 foot window will cost $500 to $1000 (installed estimate). Buildings may require dozens of windows to suitable light the interior. A Britespan building with the translucent fabric cover does not require windows. The light transmission through the covers provides a soft, pleasant interior lighting using natural (free) lighting, even on cloudy days. 

nighttime lightNighttime Lighting
Without the daytime sunlight, most buildings will require some form of nighttime lighting. Equipment costs, installation costs, and operational costs must all be considered. For a wood or steel construction building, the owner will need to add enough lumens of light to properly light the working area of the building, consuming electricity every minute of use. A Britespan building will require typically 1/3 of the lighting as the bright white underside of the fabric roof reflects and disperses the artificial lighting broadly and evenly, reducing shadows and reaching all areas of the building. 

Britespan buildings feature a high roof design which results in a large volume of interior air space. In agricultural uses, this draws the warm moist air up and away from livestock. With the ability to offer side ventilation, end wall ventilation and roof ventilation, warm moist air, including odours, can easily be vented from buildings. In commercial, retail and industrial uses, the non-permeable fabric cover allows for increased control and air management. Ventilation and heating/cooling systems do not need to compete with the many sources of air inflow/outflow of a conventional building. 

Painting and Re-roofing 
Conventional buildings such as wood sided buildings require frequent maintenance, such as painting or staining, to maintain their visual appearance. In addition, roofs of shingles or tar have a limited lifespan and need to be replaced in a time consuming and labour intensive disruption to your business. If a Britespan building ever needs to be re-roofed the cover replacement techniques can be performed in less time that would normally require removing and re-shingling a roof.

Construction Time
Building construction is necessary, and can be a lengthy process, from site prep to foundation to framework to roofing and siding to interior prep and finishing. Wood and steel buildings with their labour intensive construction techniques, can keep your business waiting on construction for months. A Britespan steel-framed fabric building is pre-engineered at the factory and shipped in component pieces, ready to be erected. With rapid construction techniques, a Britespan building can be erected in weeks instead of months. This minimizes any interruptions to your business operations. 

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