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Beef Cattle Barns

Improve Cow Comfort and Average Gain

Improve the health of your herd and average daily gain with a fabric building from Britespan.  The ideal environment for livestock, beef cattle buildings from Britespan provide a naturally bright interior, with superior air quality and ventilation, resulting in consistent fresh air and reduced airborne health problems caused by humidity and moisture.  The thermally non-conductive properties of our covers ensure a warmer interior during cold months and a cooler interior during hot months.

Our fabric structures are the ideal building solution for calf/cow barns, feeding facilities, growing/finishing barns and can incorporate a number of additional features including eaves, chimneys, curtains and feed bunks. Improving the comfort of your herd helps to maximize their productivity.  In comparison to traditional dark, wood or steel buildings, the natural daylight and superior air quality and ventilation of Britespan fabric buildings have been proven to produce a higher weight gain and healthier herd.

Britespan has designed and engineered custom fabric buildings for every industry, from custom widths, heights, foundations, entrances and openings and more. Because we have the hands on experience engineering these unique structures, you can have the confidence that your Britespan building will exceed expectations. This experience is an asset to those that require something a little more custom than our standard product line.

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 Britespan fabric buildings are the ideal building solution for:
  • Calf/Cow Barns
  • Heifer Barns
  • Free stall Barns
  • Barns with Feed bunks
  • Hay, Grain and Crop Storage Buildings
  • Equipment and Vehicle Storage 
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