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Aviation Buildings

Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Buildings, Aircraft Hangar Buildings

Britespan fabric structures are the preferred building solution for a number of aircraft facilities, including aircraft hangars, maintenance and repair facilities, shade structures, equipment and warehousing facilities and more. Our fabric buildings are pre-engineered in  widths from 24' up to 300’ wide and can be manufactured to any length, with rapid installs, even in remote areas. The clearspan design has no interior columns, making for easy maneuverability of aircrafts, vehicles and equipment.

Britespan buildings have tested ability to withstand corrosive environments, and post-fabrication hot dip galvanizing provides lifelong corrosion protection for steel trusses and components. The fabric covers allow for natural daylight reducing energy costs. The non-conductive properties reduce the transmission of heat and cold, making the building feel warmer on cold days and cooler on hot days.

Britespan has designed and engineered custom structures for every industry, from custom widths, heights, foundations, entrances and openings and more. Because we have the hands on experience engineering these unique structures, you can have the confidence that your Britespan building will exceed expectations. 

Britespan fabric structures can be erected on a variety of foundation styles offering permanent, temporary or portable building solutions, including our base rail foundation and shipping containers. These temporary or portable buildings can be completely de-constructed and moved at any time, creating little environmental interference. 

A variety of custom components are available, including door options, insulation, end and side walls, as well as custom branding and logo printing

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 Britespan fabric buildings are the ideal building solution for:
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Helicopter Hangars
  • Temporary Airport Terminals
  • Aircraft Maintenance & Repair Facilities
  • Temporary Aircraft Hangars
  • Equipment and Warehousing Storage
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